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***  CAUTION …….. Some clinical herpes pictures are extremely graphic and may shock ***

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Herpes Facts …

To most people the word “herpes” means genital herpes, a virus that is transmitted through sexual contact. However herpes is in fact a family of viruses that is extremely widespread.

Herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2), varicella-zoster virus, cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr virus and diseases ranging from chicken pox to
mononucleosis are all caused by viruses in this family.It is HSV-2 that most commonly causes genital infections, and HSV-1 that generally causes infections of the lips; however either viruses can be passed from one location to the other.

The diseases caused by the herpes virus may differ from one another, but they share a few common traits:

reddot2.gif (852 bytes) They are generally very contagious.

reddot2.gif (852 bytes) The virus can survive in latent form for long periods of time after the initial infection.

reddot2.gif (852 bytes) As yet they are not curable.

Estimates suggest that nearly 30 million Americans are infected with HSV-1 and despite many studies over many years there has been little success in developing effective treatments.

Many of the viruses in the herpes family do not recur after the initial disease outbreak, chicken pox is an example. However the virus remains in your body, hidden in nerve tissues and escaping detection by the immune system.

It is unsure exactly how and why the latent virus is triggered into an active infection. It is known however that certain stresses to the immune system appear to bring on an outbreak. These include illness, injury, emotional stress, poor diet, over exposure to sunlight, and even menstruation.

A strong immune system seems to less lessen recurrence, though outbreaks may continue throughout life. Studies show that HSV-1 has a recurrence rate of 14 percent and HSV-2 has a recurrence rate of 60 percent.

Studies have shown that the women with the herpes virus may have an increased risk of cervical cancer. The herpes sores also provide an entryway for other infections.

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Herpes Treatments

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Although not officially considered “cured”; After using Dynamiclear, many users report theiroutbreaks completely vanish!  In many of these cases the outbreaks had occurred regularly for long periods of time before applying Dynamiclear. There are also reports of “no more outbreaks”after only one topical application of Choraphor.  Dynamiclear is a antiseptic lotion that eliminates your outbreaks by destroying the virus on direct contact. Dynamiclear can also be purchasedonline with no prescription neededClick Here to learn more about Dynamic-clear at their web site

Conventional Treatment
reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Acyclovir (Zovirax), is the most commonly prescribed medication for herpes simplex. The drug eases the pain of the sores and speeds the healing process. It also reduces the frequency of recurrences.
However, you may experience side effects such as stomach upset, nausea and headache as a result of the drug. Additionally, as the drug can be rather expensive and must be taken indefinitely if you experience frequent recurrences, then cost may be a consideration.

Natural Remedies
There are some natural remedies that may be helpful in some cases combating the virus. Others may help ease the painful symptoms of an outbreak.

reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Your Diet and the Lysine/Arginine connection:
Probably the best known alternative method to help control herpes outbreaks through diet is by periodically increasing the intake of the amino acid lysine, and at the same time keeping the intake of the amino acid arginine to a minimum.
The herpes virus uses arginine for its growth and replication, however Lysine reduces the viral uptake of arginine.
Lysine is found in higher proportions in foods such as cheese, potatoes, meat and soy products. Arginine is found in chocolate, nuts and seeds, oatmeal, and whole wheat products. Lysine supplements are also available over the counter.

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reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Foods and Nutritional Supplements
Processed foods, sugar, or stimulants including coffee, chocolate and cola drinks all stress the immune system and should be avoided during outbreaks.
Highly acidic foods such as vinegar, citrus fruits and tomatoes should be avoided.
Foods high in sodium and animal products (meat and dairy products are relatively high in arginine) should be kept at a low level during outbreaks.

If your like most people, you already suspect that your normal daily eating habits are not supplying your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. Many of us take vitamin supplements in an attempt to absorb some of the nutrition that is lacking in our daily diets. This is especially important when you suffer from Herpes because a strong healthy body usually means a strong healthy immune system which can in it self help reduce the amount and severity of future outbreaks.

However, be sure to use only the highest grade “Whole” Vitamins ( not synthetic ), “Chelated” Minerals ( most absorbable for the body to be able to utilize ) which also include “Probiotics” ( good bacteria for the intestine which is critical for the body’s immune system ) and “Vegetable Enzymes” ( critical in supporting the body in digesting all the food we eat ). 

In fact, some studies show that “synthetic” vitamins, like most of the ones that are found over the counter (even at “Health” stores), may actually be damaging to your body Synthetic vitamins are cheap to make and fairly cheap to buy because they are mass produced in labs. The very logic of this seems irrational when you remember where vitamins come from naturally… Vitamins are found naturally in FOOD.

When evaluating a vitamin supplement, simply read the label.
Rather than multi-syllable, unpronounceable chemical names, you should find the names of foodslisted as the vitamin sources, or an asterisk that refers you to the fruit and vegetable blend used as the vitamin base. If you do see a food source or reference, then that indicates the vitamins are“whole” vitamins and that you are getting the best possible absorption and retention of your vitamins.

If you don’t see a name of a food or an asterisk leading you to a place on the label that tells you the food source of the vitamins, you are more than likely looking at an inexpensive, processed vitamin that is stripped of all other compounds that are normally present with vitamins that are found in fruits and vegetables.

reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Immune System Boosting Vitamins & Supplements
Herpes weakens the immune system. As previously mentioned, a strong healthy body usually means a strong healthy immune system which can in it self help reduce the amount and severity of future outbreaks. Supplementing your diet daily with whole vitamins will go a long way to helping your body fight off  future heath problems, including Herpes outbreaks.

However, sometimes an additional vitamin regimen that specifically aims to boosts immune function can improve the chances of preventing recurrence.
Vitamins C, E, and B complex, Echinacea and a Zinc chelate supplements are all helpful. However as Vitamin C is acidic it should not be taken in high doses.

If you currently take whole vitamins but wish to further enhance your diet with targeted, immune-strengthening supplements to improve your chances of preventing recurrence; then we recommend the following regimen:

reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Lysine - 500 mg daily.
reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Echinacea - 450 to 500 mg , one to three times daily.
reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Zinc - One 50 mg. tablet or capsule daily.
reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Vitamin C - 1000 mg. capsules or tablets daily with food.
reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Vitamin E - 400 iu daily.
reddot2.gif (852 bytes) Vitamin B Complex High-potency Formula.

If you do have a recurrence, we recommend applying a one time dose of
antiseptic lotion.
Don’t apply when you feel that tingling, burning sensation just before the outbreak. This is too early. Wait until the outbreak is at its most active, if possible when the blisters have burst open.
 This is because Dynamiclears does not work properly if it is applied directly to the skin on an ‘unbroken’ blister.
Dynamiclears Web site has helpful “application tips”.

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Home Remedies For Herpes Cold Sores
Echinacea - 
The healing power of this herb was well-known to Native Americans, who
observed that this herb could boost the ability to resist disease. When you feel a
cold sore coming on, reach for the Echinacea!

Mint - Included in many different creams for herbs that are sold primarily in
natural-food stores. When this cream is applied to a cold sore, it interrupts the virus
and promotes faster healing.

Balm - Skin creams containing balm are also very effective in treating cold sores.

Garlic - This proven immune enhancer effective against chronic cold sore flair-ups.

Siberian Ginseng - Is well known for its ability to stimulate the immune system and
can give your immune system the added boost it needs to fight the virus.

Tea Tree Oil - A solution made with tea tree oil has also been shown effective in
reducing the pain and duration of cold sores when applied directly to the area.

Tea Bags - Take a common (black tea) tea bag and dip it in hot water for 10 seconds
(hot, not boiling), then place the wet tea bag on the cold sore and hold in place with a
wet warm compress. You want both the wet teabag and compress to be hot, but not
so hot that it burns you. Remove when teabag and compress have cooled. This cleans
the cold sore and helps relieve itching.

Olea europea (extract of olive leaf) contains a compound called oleuropein acid, which is effective against numerous viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has been used in the treatment of people with viral illnesses such as Epstein-Barr disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes and AIDS. 

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Personal Advice
Prevention can go a long way in helping to control herpes. It’s just common sense to
avoid sexual contact with someone who has an active case of herpes. Using a condom
can also help to prevent the spread of herpes virus.
If you have a history of herpes, avoid getting overtired or allowing yourself to get run
down. When you are fatigued, your immune system cannot function as well, and you
may be more vulnerable to a recurrence of herpes.
If you are unsure if you have herpes, please see your local health care provider for a
diagnosis. Try our FAQ Page or Herpes support site for more on herpes.

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